Playa Corona  lies within Panama's “Dry Arc” a curved stretch of the Pacific coast of Panama from Coronado to the Azuero peninsula with its own micro-climate. This area is blessed with much lower rainfall and dryer, sunny conditions even during the “rainy” season (June – December). Rainfall is much lower in our area than in for example, Panama City, the mountains, and the Caribbean coast. The dry season (January – May) is indeed very dry, with only a very occasional rain shower. You are guaranteed blue skies and temperatures in the 80s (27-32 °C), usually not exceeding 89 degrees Fahrenheit (32 °C). A steady cool ocean breeze keeps both the temperature and the humidity to very comfortable levels at any time during the day. In the late afternoon and especially at night, the temperature goes down to the low seventies (21-23 °C).


The Panamanian people refer to the months of January, February, March, and April as their “Summer” with weather characterized by blue skies, no rain, and a blue ocean. During the “Winter” (June – December), rain falling in the mountains causes rivers to flow carrying silt and plant debris to the ocean, occasionally turning the ocean brown.


You will be surprised to see the sun come up out of the Pacific Ocean! Due to the curved nature of our coastline, you are looking east from your terrace or balcony. Besides being able to see some spectacular sunrises, you may luck out and see another of nature's amazing sights: a golden moon rising from the ocean... and all this from the comfort of your bed!