The neighborhood   is very peaceful and counts about 200 inhabitants, most of whom have lived here for decades raising their families. It is a very safe neighborhood connecting the community with the highway. Unlike some beach communities that arose in the last decade or so, Playa Corona has evolved as a very authentic neighborhood. Everyone knows one another and everyone looks out for everyone. Casa Caracol, although owned and built by a foreigner, has been accepted as part of the community and the owner has good relations with its neighbors and fellow residents of Playa Corona. We often do not lock our car door, house door, and apartment doors, but do not let us keep you from feeling as safe as you like.

We are located in Playa Corona, a small and safe community on the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles (100 km) from Panama City, a scenic drive through the mountains and coastal zone, starting with a crossing of the “Bridge of the Americas” connecting Panama City with the western part of Panama (referred to as the “interior”). Playa Corona is a small beach community and is actually part of the nearby town of San Carlos.

You will be surprised to see the sun come up out of the Pacific Ocean! Due to the curved nature of our coastline, you are looking east from your terrace or balcony. Besides being able to see some spectacular sunrises, you may luck out and see another of nature's amazing sights: a golden moon rising from the ocean... and all this from the comfort of your bed!