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> Is it safe in Playa Corona?

Very! You left your Suite without locking it? Not to worry. Left your car doors unlocked at night? Don't worry. Want to walk the beach in the moon light? Go ahead, no one would ever bother you! We have had this experience for many years, and this has not changed. Incidence of crime in Panama is very low compared to most other countries (Costa Rica, Colombia, etc.). Being that said, (petty) crime has increased in Panama City and even in the tourist town of Coronado (13 km from us). 


> Do we need a car?

Yes. You can rent a car at the airport. Also, we provide pickup and dropoff service, and you can rent a car in Coronado (3 agencies). Please be aware that insurance rates are high, and often not included in your quote. If you have insurance through your credit card, bring a hard copy of that insurance policy to be able to waive part of the insurance.

> Are there restaurants nearby?

There are three excellent restaurants within 5 minutes driving, and 20 more within 15 minutes driving, one of which 5 star. We provide a list of restaurants in your Suite.


> What is the bug situation?

Good news: we rarely see/have mosquitos, let alone have a situation. In the high season, you could actually leave the sliders open and no bugs will enter found – even at night with the lights on!! This is a big advantage of being in a beach-front poperty! No bugs (sand flees, etc,) on the beach, either! Sounds like paradise? It is.


> Do we need to bring a hair blower?

No, you will have one in your Suite.


> Do we need to bring beach towels?

No, we supply beach towels (in your closet).

> Is visiting in the “rainy season” worthwhile or does it rain constantly?

Because we are located in a “dry arc” with its own microclimate, it rains far less in Playa Corona than in Panama City, Boquete, Bocas del Toro, etc. It will rain during the off season months, and there will be more cloud cover, but you also will have plenty of days of sunshine, and the temperatures will be a few degrees lower and the nights will be cooler.

> How close are you to grocery stores, hospital, shopping, etc.?

Very close; a 13 minute drive to Coronado will bring you back in civilization. You can find three large, US-style grocery stores, several banks, a mall, two strip malls, real estate offices, a brand new hospital, golf courses, and a wide variety of restaurants. There are also several excellent restaurants (one specializing in seafood) within a 5-minute drive from Casa Caracol. 

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